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James Penny and Lindy Thwaites originated Finderz following distinguished careers in education, learning, technology & business. James, Originator and Founder has led in schools, been a CTO for large organisations, worked at IBM on Global IT strategy & research, written a book called Learning Rebooted, continues to advise Government on education IT strategy, currently holds posts as Chief Education Technology Officer at a leading EdTech company.



Lindy Thwaites, Originator and Founder has been a high-profile flute teacher and performer, played a leading role in a charity, trained and worked as a successful animal behaviourist, written for international journals & is an expert in the use of social media with young people.


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Steve Foote, Founder is a design consultant and runs a successful business. He has supported a number of startups and a broad range of organisations as Creative Director. He is currently Creative Director for a new publishing startup.



Paul Gale, Founder is an expert in video and animation production and runs a successful business delivering video & other media products. He’s also a public relations and media specialist, having worked with UK and international government organisations.


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Dr Joe Taylor, Senior Advisor entered the education and technology investment space following his qualification as a medical doctor at the University of Oxford. At Oxford he subsequently pursued research in visual processing and has taught neuroscience at the university for more than a decade. Joe joins Finderz alongside his leadership role in Candesic, an international strategy consultancy firm. He is particularly interested in the application of big data analytics to support decision making. Joe brings 15 years of experience in supporting investors and businesses identify and pursue digital opportunities to the Finderz team.


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